Oswego County Opportunities, Inc. Nutrition Services


Oswego County Opportunities, Inc. Nutrition Services

Doug retired from the US Postal Service after 33 years and is a veteran of the US Air Force, as well as an active member at this local church. After a rewarding and fruitful career he wanted to give back, he states

"I like doing it, but I'm getting old too, but if I can still help people, I will."

Doug is 78 years young!

Doug volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program, he delivers meals and way more to the home-bound residents in his community. Doug is a role model of volunteers, he's everything that you'd expect him to be; caring, compassionate, dedicated and humorous! He will travel in the harshest of weather to make sure his seniors are fed and will cover for his volunteer team on alternates’ days whenever he can.

Doug reports back to the office any concerns about the residents and even recommends the meal service to those he knows would benefit from the program! He notices if they are low on food and are in need beyond the everyday meal and will utilize our pantry to supplement the day’s delivery. If Doug isn't delivering on his normal day, the seniors want to know why!

"Is he okay, will he still deliver meals to us, they ask?"

Someone such as Doug with such a caring heart deserves to be recognized, perhaps this recognition will encourage others to step up and serve the seniors in our community. By volunteering, Doug has not only improved the quality of life for seniors in his local community, but he has improved the quality of his own life as well.

Lori Halstead, of Owego County Opportunities, Inc. Nutrition says,

“Doug speaks of the seniors with such heart; he told me that the clients on his route need his company and that he has made many friends while out delivering meals. I think that Doug benefits from delivering the meals as much as the clients do! He visits with the clients and has coffee with them, he enjoys driving out by the lake on his route to see the view. Doug takes the time to complete the simple tasks that make life so much easier for the eldest of our community!”

Doug demonstrates what it means to be an everyday champion.