Sarah's Guest House


Sarah's Guest House

When David (Dave) Pasinski, was18 years old, he took the advice of the seminary to volunteer in nursing homes where he first developed a true passion for the care and dignity of elders. Throughout high school, he was very influenced by two different priests -- one who was very social action oriented and one of the first to lead integration marchers in Syracuse in the early 1960s; and the other who taught Dave to look out for people in need, especially older people who were isolated and lonely. Dave and his friends took their suggestions and looked after an older couple – a blind man and his wife -- which was a stretch to the then teenage boys. Ultimately, they all developed a true life-long friendship with the couple and this friendship inspired Dave’s desires and priorities to help others as he grew up -- most especially seniors.

Dave Pasinski has been a crusader in improving the lives and overall well-being of seniors in our community and beyond for decades. Through his many volunteer and professional efforts and collaborations, he has greatly enhanced and improved the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of the senior community in Central New York. Dave Pasinski has literally dedicated his life to social justice, spiritual care, medical ethics, and the rights of elders and the terminally ill throughout his professional career, volunteer efforts, and philanthropic endeavors. Through both his professional and volunteer positions, he passionately advocates for the quality care and dignity of seniors, overall community mental health, and medical ethics in the treatment of aging adults and the terminally ill.

Dave’s efforts have touched and improved the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare of older Americans residing in Central New York in countless ways. Through his Chaplaincy, he has provided counseling, comfort and care to thousands of elderly and ill adults, most notable in his leadership role as Senior Chaplain of Hospice of Central New York. Dave has also extended the gifts of shelter and hospitality to older Americans through his affiliations with Sarah’s Guest House which provides lodging, transportation, meals and comfort to adult patients and their caregivers; and through Unity Acres which provides food, clothing and shelter for senior homeless men; along with care for their mind, body and spirit.

Dave has also advocated for the rights and protection of residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in his role as a Long Term Care Ombudsman and has taught medical ethics for the aging and terminally ill to nurses in hospitals as another way to advocate for seniors and people needing medical care.

Renee McCaffrey, Sarah’s Guest House, says

“It is difficult to measure the many lives and quantify the thousands + seniors Dave’s life’s work has impacted -- but, clearly, his dedication to the causes benefiting the quality care and welfare of seniors in our community and has made a remarkable difference in the landscape of Central New York’s aging and senior population.”