2016 Today's Options Grand Champion

Ralph Rotella - Rescue Mission Alliance

“I am happy to help people, and I get most of my joy from doing just that. I do it from the bottom of my heart.”

When Ralph Rotella began working with the Rescue Mission Alliance, he could not have imagined the impact he would have one day on his local community and so many older adults. As an owner of the Discount Shoe Repair shop in Onondaga County, Ralph directs his well-honed skill as a shoe repairman and his passion for helping others into his volunteer work with the Rescue Mission. Ralph tirelessly collects and repairs shoes to donate to the Rescue Mission.

Since 2012, Ralph has repaired and donated over 20,000 pairs of shoes to Rescue Mission, the majority of which are given to older adults in need in the local community.

2016 Today's Options Champions

Mary Beth Anderson

Mary Beth Anderson leads the way in welcoming Active Older Adults at the Syracuse YMCA community to a home-away-from-home. As the Y’s Active Older Adults Coordinator, Mary Beth stimulates connections among senior members through social, physical, and spiritual activity.

Mary Anne Corsaniti

Mary Anne Corasaniti’s lifelong mission is to see that older adults in Central New York are honored, respected, and valued. Through her work with the Elder Abuse Program at Vera House, Mary Anne does just this. Her collaborative work with the organization has given a voice to a vulnerable population of older adults in the community.

Donna Denison

Without Donna Denison and Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, many patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the Syracuse area would be facing the challenges of their illness alone. As an older adult with MS, Donna has dedicated her life to helping others who suffer from the same disease.

John Ryan

For John Ryan, retirement opened the door to full-time volunteer work. John spends his time as an active volunteer helping senior patients and many more at the James Square Health and Rehabilitation Centre and numerous other local community organizations in Onondaga County.